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Thursday, October 27

Remember Hurricane Matthew from a few a weeks ago? Well (as I’m sure you all are aware) the Georgia coast was hit pretty hard. The Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island had to evacuate many of their animals. Since Zoo Atlanta partners with the Georgia Sea Turtle Center in helping to rear young diamondback … Continue reading "Thursday, October 27"

Giant pandas are departing

Departure date set for giant pandas Mei Lun and Mei Huan 3-year-old twins will depart Atlanta for China on November 3  Mei Lun and Mei Huan, the first surviving pair of giant panda twins ever born in the U.S., will depart Atlanta on November 3, 2016, for the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding … Continue reading "Giant pandas are departing"

Thursday, October 20

Most people come to zoos to see our diverse animals, but have you ever thought about what goes on behind-the-scenes? For one, you have the keeper staff that directly care for the animals rain or shine, snow or sleet, holiday or not. We are the ones that get the habitats clean and ready for our … Continue reading "Thursday, October 20"

The twins’ big adventure

Mei Lun’s and Mei Huan’s next adventure Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Visit the 3-year-old twins before they embark on an important new milestone Mei Lun and Mei Huan, the first pair of surviving giant panda twins ever born in the U.S., will depart Atlanta later this year on their way to one of the most … Continue reading "The twins’ big adventure"

Panda twins turn 1 month old

The giant panda twins are 1 month old Tuesday, October 18, 2016 The giant panda twins born to Lun Lun on September 3, 2016, are 1 month old today. The duo has already surpassed a month of milestones, with many more to come. Currently known as “Cub A” and “Cub B,” the twins remain on … Continue reading "Panda twins turn 1 month old"

Tuesday, October 18

Today we are celebrating a birthday! Sumatran orangutan Biji is 46 years old and is currently the oldest member of our orangutan population. Biji was born at Yerkes and came to Zoo Atlanta in 1999. Throughout Biji’s history here at Zoo Atlanta she has lived with several different individuals, the latest being Alan who passed … Continue reading "Tuesday, October 18"

Thursday, October 13

Hello all from the Herpetology Department! My name is Hayley Bryan, and I am a seasonal herpetology keeper here at Zoo Atlanta. I started out as an intern last fall in the Herpetology Department, and I quickly fell in love with the “herps” I’ve come to know and love. Fast forward a year later and … Continue reading "Thursday, October 13"

Tuesday, October 11

As part of our ongoing development of our facilities, the Bird and Program Animals Team was recently allotted a sum of money to make improvements that we felt would be beneficial. This money has allowed us to purchase building materials and pay for the labor to enhance particular bird spaces. The most viewable of these … Continue reading "Tuesday, October 11"

Thursday, October 6

Hello, Zoo fans! My name is Matt Schultz, and I am the new Swing Keeper for the Mammal Department. I really feel like I won the lottery with this job. The Swing Keeper works with all the mammals in the Zoo except the primates and the program animals, which is perfect  for me because I … Continue reading "Thursday, October 6"

Tuesday, October 4

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Webb, and I’m a seasonal primate keeper caring for our 21 gorillas here at Zoo Atlanta. I’ve grown up around the Zoo, and I got my start as an intern in the Elephant Department. A year later I became an intern in the Primate Department, specifically with gorillas. That … Continue reading "Tuesday, October 4"